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Hangzhou Huoge network technology Co., Ltd. apply the latest network technology and network information technology, focusing on the Internet service industry, to meet customer needs of business information. Our service including: network services (Domains Service, virtual host at home and abroad, enterprise mail, business website project, website building, website promotion, e-commerce website development, etc.), as well as tailored business development and management of all types of enterprises systems, including ERP, MIS, Purchase, Sales and Inventory, production management, office automation, customer relationship, financial management and so on.

We have progressive website planning scheme, professional website construction experience and exquisite website optimization technique. The perfect union of business information and network technology will supply our customers with custom-made sales and service information platform, so that the customers will get more effective competition in the rapid develop of the information area. The enterprise email we choose will establish a stable and safe Internet business communication channels for our customers especially for foreign customers, and will make your business and customers all over the world. Our host space will provide a rapid, stable and safe data storage service for both domestic and overseas customers, it particularly solve the difficult problem of the customer’s website couldn't open or open slowly in some individual countries. Our overseas website construction will bring good accessing and really enquiries for our customers.

Now our customers throughout Australia, Spain, the United States, Western Europe and other countries which truly make the network business information globalized. We even have our own special website making and optimization technique, we could give our customer sincere advice, and we have also got appreciation from most of the customers.

Our company will always adhere the concept of "be an upright person and work with heart", we will also seek truth from facts, never make any exaggerating commitment to customer and show our high-quality service to customers. In order to meet the different needs of customers personalized and the different levels of the same customers’ demand, we take the customer focus, meet the demand of the customers and supply the customer with tailor-made IT service on the basis of deeply understanding of the client’s business types and network structure.

Hangzhou Huoge network technology Co., LTD-- your most sincerely partner, we like to create a beautiful tomorrow with you!

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